Harry Steininger on his perfect moment at the Mille Miglia.

Fortunately, it’s almost time again.

In May, the most seminal 1.000 mile circuit – the “Tribute to Mille Miglia” – once again sees roaring engines departing from the Italian town of Brescia. I am thrilled to be capturing photographic evidence of this historic event with its four days of octane-fuelled blood, following the wheel tracks of Sir Stirling Moss. As a photographer, classic car fan and motorsport enthusiast, the Mille Miglia is my undisputed highlight of 2015.

Iconic vehicles, stunning panoramas, challenging mountain stages, narrow romantic alleyways, breath-taking piazzas and a cheering audience turn it all into a unique experience: 1.000 miles of enchanting landscapes, historic routes and picturesque cities, divided into four legs.

My perfect moment.

When, on the morning of 17 May 2012, I enjoyed my espresso and cornetto crema at Cafe Piadineria in San Marino, I had no inkling of what would transpire a mere hour later when I leant on old stone wall across from the café and – at a shutter speed of 1/500 seconds and aperture 8 – triggered the release of my camera. The result was the perfect photographic moment: a beautiful Mercedes-Benz 300 SL against a truly wonderful background. And it became the winning picture of the “Treasure Hunt – Tribute to Mille Miglia” Award. Now, I feel very honoured that this snapshot has joined the Mercedes-Benz exhibition “The Perfect Moment – Icons of Photography”.

This year, Mercedes me offers fans the unique chance to win a spot in the “Tribute to Mille Miglia”. In this spirit, I would like to personally encourage you to share your perfect route with the Mercedes-Benz Inspire me community to get your own chance at a very personal perfect moment at the “Tribute Mille Miglia”.

Win a passenger spot in the new special edition SL at the “Tribute to Mille Miglia“, 14-17 May 2015. We look forward to your Mercedes Inspire me community contributions.

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