“Everything you need is here – only better!” Herbert Seckler, owner of Sansibar, is telling us what he particularly likes about the island.

See the sea.

Herbert, you came to Sylt almost forty years ago – and stayed. What do you like about this island in particular? Sylt is magical! When I arrived back then, I saw the ocean for the first time. The huge beaches, the fresh air, the expansive natural environment and the people really impressed me. I hardly ever go on vacation because there is just no reason to travel. Everything you need is here – only better!

What things should you do on the island and which places should you see? Sylt has many great places. You can go for a nice walk in Nösse, the eastern part of the island, with small, scattered villages. Morsum Kliff features magnificent moors and you can admire the exposed rock layers. On the side of the mudflats, a gorgeous footpath leads from Keitum to Munkmarsch and Kampen – directly along the water and on natural paths.

About villages and Wednesday concerts.

You love to drive – what is a good way to explore Sylt by car? A nice excursion would be from Hörnum to Westerland via Kampen in the direction of List. Then you can go through the List countryside along the mudflats, returning to Rantum by way of Munkmarsch and Morsum. For this round trip, you take small roads past idyllic villages, water and meadows – places that are worth stopping for.

The island also has a lot to offer culturally. Your suggestion? The St. Severin Church in Keitum is one of the most beautiful churches in Northern Germany. The organ player and choirmaster Alexander Ivanov comes from St. Petersburg and has received great renown for many years with a recommended program and the popular Wednesday concerts.

About fishermen and Friesen on wheels.

Your favourite dish on the island? Sylt was not exactly known as a culinary mecca for a long time; above all, the people like hearty dishes and drinks. I like eating ‘Labskaus’, a traditional sailor’s dish made of salted meat with potatoes. You drink ‘Geele Köm’ with this, a grain alcohol that nourished even the ancient fishermen and kept them warm.

Your personal insider’s tip for Sylt? More and more guests are appreciating the island’s charm in the winter, its tranquillity and expanse! The light in the winter is incredible! You take a walk in the fresh air, for example along the often frozen mudflats and then go to the beach sauna or sit by an open fireplace. The ‘Biikebrennen’ in February is especially beautiful – this is an old Frisian tradition where huge fires are lit under the starry sky to say goodbye to the winter.

My Sylt.