“pacTris” – Level 1: It All Starts With a Bright Idea

It always starts with a bright idea, ideally one that solves an existing problem. It was with this premise that employees of Daimler Business Innovation set out for a workshop to exchange ideas and develop new concepts with participants of the trainee programme “CAReer” in October. One idea immediately stood out: “pacTris”. A concept with great potential, it was chosen for the top-10 from a field of hundreds of ideas to be presented to more than 500 Daimler employees at DigitalLife Day 2015 shortly thereafter.

Daimler’s DigitalLife Day, which is sponsored by Daimler Business Innovation, offers participating employees a platform for discovering and discussing digital developments within the company. Current hot-topic innovations such as autonomous driving and digital services are covered in detail. After intensive pitch training in the run-up, where participants learned skills to help them get others motivated by, and excited about their ideas, Toni Hoang, Gabriel Selbach and Sebastian Thiemt delivered a three-minute presentation on their innovative idea. The goal: to present the idea of “pacTris” and convince other participants to evangelize the product to potential partners in hopes of implementing the idea.

But What Exactly Is “pacTris”?

It sounds a bit like the latest geeky smartphone game. But behind the name is a clever program for optimizing your car’s cargo space. The intelligent app offers a fun and effective way for the user to pack their car as efficiently as possible. Under the motto “There are some things you can’t pack into your car...for everything else there’s ‘pacTris’”, the people behind the idea demonstrated just how simple it can be to optimize your vehicle’s space. Users simply scan the barcodes of goods they wish to load, and the app reports back as to whether the items scanned will fit into their car or not. The clever product ensures that gone are the days when you needed to load boxes and packages into your car using the trial-and-error method. With “pacTris” you can now save time and — more importantly — reduce the stress of shopping and subsequent loading.

The concept was positively received by both participants and the jury, and ultimately topped all other ideas — meaning that Toni, Gabriel and Sebastian have the opportunity to implement the idea in collaboration with Daimler Business Innovation. All in all, everybody wins with “pacTris”!

Learn all about the current development of “pacTris” in this article!

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