'PacTris' - Level 2. An idea, starting to take shape.

One in a hundred.

Last month we shared the story of “pacTris”, the winning idea presented at Digital Life Day. This app makes packing your vehicle easy, saving you time and effort by showing you how to pack your car as efficiently as possible. The concept impressed the jury and the audience so much that they told the “pacTris” team to start working immediately! To develop the idea  from concept to reality, Daimler Business Innovation provided financial support to Toni, Gabriel and Sebastian and introduced them to their mentor Frank Maruna. Once the wheels started turning  several challenges such as; how to coordinate teams from around the globe? came into focus.

As the three team members were involved in different project assignments, they needed to work from their international offices in; Stuttgart, Bangalore and Beijing. This meant that they sometimes had to meet at unusual times, managing their time and their workload. Initially this was seen as a challenge but turned out to be a blessing in disguise. All three locations were able to support each other every step of the way; In Beijing it was the IT Innovation Lab, in Stuttgart it was Business Innovation and in Bangalore it was a team of expert advisors at MBRDI.

Working internationally.

The target was to get this project started as fast as possible: The app development started at the IT Innovation Lab in Beijing, using creative and agile software development. The experienced team at MBRDI supported this development process with expert feedback. Simultaneously business partners and models were discussed and outlined in Leinfelden-Echterdingen.

Getting an early start on development, backed by the great commitment of all parties involved is why 'pacTris' has come to life: The app concept is ready to show and the first features have already been implemented. In order to make the interface of the app as intuitive as possible, and have it optimized for the upcoming launch, we are looking for feedback from testers.

Would you like to help develop “pacTris”? Then please sign up now! And be sure to visit our live demonstration being held at the IAA from the 17th - 21st of September in Frankfurt.

Sign up via mail:

IAA Location: outdoor area at smart. Stay tuned.

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