re:publica 2015 - Man, machine, communication.

The discovery of digital innovation.

Since 2007, re:publica increases more and more popularity. At the first conference there were around 700 visitors, this year more than 7,000 guests from 23 countries were represented in Berlin.

For the fourth time Daimler Business Innovation was partner of one of the world's most important events in regard to the topic of “digital society.” Under this year's motto, 'Finding Europe”, everything was all about the search for the new in old systems and the discovery of digital innovation. Amongst the speakers — the youngest just 11 years old — Daimler Business Innovation presented, amongst other things, innovative concepts for gesture control and discussed ideas on the topic 'female leadership.”

Man and machine together on the street.

Daimler's mobility innovations represent the basis for a large, international exchange, for which the active shaping of the future of mobility is a major role. Again visiting the conference were valuable re:publica dialogue partners. In our diverse program we also went on a journey into the future, where humans and machines share the streets. What would this communication look like, and what contributions will technology and society have to provide so that such a coexistence could work?

In the talk 'F015 Luxury in Motion And the Relationship Between Humans and Autonomous Vehicles' from futurist Alexander Mankowski, for example, relationships between humans and autonomous driving were discussed and considered in great detail. Here you’ll find a video as summary of this year's presentations.

Daimler BI @ re:publica 15 in moving images.

Individual sessions of Daimler @ 15 Republica were presented directly on YouTube. Like a talk about the possibilities for using speech and gesture recognition for the future of mobility.

The scope of functions may vary according to country.