Startupbootcamp Presents: The 2nd Annual Smart Transportation and Energy Hackathon.

Smart Transportation & Energy Hackathon.

The second annual Smart Transportation and Energy Hackathon presented by Startupbootcamp takes place at the Rainmaking Loft in Berlin, September 25-27th 2015. This three day hackathon brings the brightest minds in tech from around the world to come up with innovative solutions to problems plaguing the current transportation and energy systems.

Now, whether you’ve heard the term “hackathon” or not, unless you’ve been to one it can be hard to grasp exactly what one is. The term “hack” generally holds a negative connotation and empowers cynics to say, ‘Is this a facade that allows mastermind criminals to come together to hack my computer?’ We’re here to tell you this hackathon is anything but... and that hackathons are a beacon of power for new technologies. Essentially the term “hack” in the hackathon context refers to passionate people coming together and creating new technological prototypes or building on existing ones.

Connecting with people: teamwork.

The teams will be made up of 3 to 5 people and will consist of developers, designers and people that are passionate about transportation, energy and technology. The Rainmaking Loft will act as a catalyst where innovative ideas will flourish. The driving force behind these ideas stems from the notion that, “two heads are better than one and that three are better than two.” Working in a team environment will allow each team to work efficiently and identify any missing links.

On top of the brainstorming and teamwork that encompasses this weekend, there will be a variety of mentors and sponsors on site volunteering their expertise. Because of the importance of these topics - transportation and energy - many premium sponsors, including Mercedes-Benz, are on board making sure that each team has the resources they need to excel. This allows teams to get real-time feedback and to help fix any flaws in their system as they arise.

Making ideas a reality: participation.

It all begins on the Friday evening when teams are formed, mentors are consulted and ideas are pitched. The early start breakfast on Saturday is meant to prepare the teams for the day ahead and allow for any last minute questions. Once the teams start there are minimal breaks so they’re able to finish by the deadline. The great news is that Startupbootcamp and the Rainmaking loft will provide comforts from home including snacks, a quiet room and even a hot shower. On Sunday – the day of truth – teams will present the fruits of their labour and to hopefully take home the top prize of 5,000 euros.

Want to get involved? Top prize is a combination of money and helpful technology to get ideas into motion. To learn more follow through on this link and don’t forget to register on Eventbrite.

Startupbootcamp Berlin's first hackathon was a huge success with over 11 teams working all weekend on transportation and energy projects. It's quite impressive what you can accomplish within 48 hours! Additionally, over 30 more guests joined for the team pitches on Sunday where the prizes were announced. The hackathon worked perfectly as a platform for connecting with people, working together with partners and getting inspired by new ideas.

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