Stepping on the gas pedal.

The “Legends Classic Car Club” goes full throttle.

Not retro, but real.

Everyone reminisces about the good old days and some even want to relive it. Many manufacturers try to pick up on this notion and tease this experience – from the Beetle to the Challenger to the SLS. The retro wave engulfs new vehicles creating modern day icons but some think that this is not enough.


The appeal of a car that is 30 or 40 years old cannot necessarily be found in a contemporary automobile. Many of us want to drive real classics, the retro cars that smell wonderful and have a powerful, mechanical feel – like the one your dad drove when you were a child.

Driving classics regularly but without oily hands.

Classic cars are less likely to break down than modern cars. This however is only true if these old treasures are taken care of from the start. Usually if one has the money for that, time is missing. And likely if there’s time, there is not enough money. Add on workspace, special instruments and knowledge of engineering and the equation starts to look a little bleaker. With “Legends Classic Car Club by Mercedes-Benz” all members have access to approximately 30 classics but without the responsibility of caring for them.

Club members can focus on what they love most, driving. Effective sharing starts with a good app that takes care of reservations and bookings in real time. Ladies and gentlemen – start your engines.

Getting started on Retro Classics.

In order to delight as many people as possible we’ve relaunched our website. Now, classic lovers everywhere will hear about our worry free program. In addition we will be in attendance at the Retro Classics event in Stuttgart, the debut fair for the summer season from the 17th to the 20th of March. Our booth will be situated among classic cars in a lounge style atmosphere, similar to the spirit of our club in Sindelfingen. Visitors can get information and familiarize themselves with a pool of historic old-timers. Our Retro Classics booth will have a great atmosphere, connecting the lounge, workshop and classic cars to a ‘hot spot’.

Doors open.

On April 2nd the “Legends Classic Car Club by Mercedes-Benz” will officially open its doors in Sindelfingen. On this day everyone is invited, including press, and “Steampunk” will host the event. Besides information about workshops, activities and technical offers we’ll host rides in classic cars from the pool of available cars creating an appetite for more.

Marching-through the legends.

Listening and seeing. In May 120 classic vehicles participating in the popular Black Forest Classic rally will be led through the club hall in Sindelfingen. On May 18th participants of the rally will take a speed test and be given an assessment of smoothness. Parallel to this, other exciting entertainment programs will take place that you can’t miss. The concept and atmosphere of this club is felt by drivers and spectators alike with club vehicles participating in the rally. With the “Legends Classic Car Club by Mercedes-Benz” Business Innovation succeeds with a business model that combines a passion for people, classics and a modern booking system – with hands staying clean.

The app is managing it.

Is there an app for that? Yes, there is. Members of the “Legends Classic Car Club by Mercedes-Benz” can use vehicles from their nearest car pool. A glance at the booking system is enough to check whether your personal dream car is available. Simply choose your vehicle and see the cost which will be billed through a points system. These points are acquired by paying an automatic monthly member fee.

Find all information about the club right here.

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The scope of functions may vary according to country.