Getting there even faster by mobile phone: car2go now smartphone-ready.

Your car2go key is your own smartphone!

Convenient and easy.

Book a car, take your seat, complete your journey and park at your destination – car sharing can be this simple. In cities especially, the agile cars from car2go provide for particularly flexible motoring: for a shopping spree, spontaneous outing, last-minute meeting or a trip to your favourite concert. Your ever-ready companion on such trips is your own smartphone – which can now handle the complete rental procedure in selected cities and car2go vehicles.

First hotspots: Hamburg and Vienna.

A total of 1.350 vehicles in Hamburg and Vienna are equipped with the new telematics and “key technology” for smooth and easy car sharing: the car2go app makes child’s play of locating, reserving, hiring and returning your next vehicle – with no need for a membership card. As a particularly practical feature, all models with the new telematics are equipped with a universal charging cable to ensure you will never run out of power en route.

Coming soon to all other car2go locations.

Not yet up and running in your city? Following initial tests in Stockholm, in addition to Hamburg and Vienna the new technology is to be phased into operation in all European car2go cities. You won't notice the completely new technology and highly complex telematics at work in the background – a few swipes on your smartphone is all it will take. By the way: until the fleet has been fully switched over to the new technology, you can recognise the new vehicles immediately by the orange 'smartphone only' mobile phone symbol in the app or by the sticker directly on the car.

At the same time, the car2go fleet is also being modernised: the new smart model will be introduced into car2go service from the middle of the year. Mercedes me keeps you up to date on car2go and other mobility topics that affect your mobile life. To find out more about the world's largest car sharing company or the cooperation with Europe's largest car hire company, just follow the corresponding links.

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