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A Truly Happy Mother’s Day

Mariel Hemingway and Langley Fox in front of a red 560 SL (R 107)
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In this sun-soaked film directed by Kava Gorna, Mariel Hemingway and daughter Langley Fox get behind the wheel of red-hot 560 SL in search of a lost beach, and find each other along the way.

14 May is Mother’s Day in 55 countries, and in honour of this special holiday, She’s Mercedes is celebrating motherhood with an original video about the messy, sometimes complicated but ultimately redeeming connection between mother and child.

560 SL (R 107) rear view

Following real-life mother-daughter duo Mariel Hemingway and Langley Fox, director Kava Gorna takes us on a journey through the winding roads of their relationship. United by their shared history, their love for each other, and (relative) patience with one another’s eccentricities, Hemingway and Fox drive a 1987 560 SL along California’s stunning Malibu Canyon and Pacific Coast Highway in pursuit of a place both metaphorical and physical that was lost long ago.


The Mother

Mariel Hemingway is an Academy Award nominated actress, author, environmental activist, mental health advocate, producer, and adventurous traveller. The granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway and mother of Langley Fox and Dree Hemingway, Mariel Hemingway is part of a long line of prolific creatives, and has a long list of extraordinary achievements in various creative disciplines.

The Daughter

Langley Fox is a Los Angeles-based illustrator, designer and model. Her modelling work and pencil-based hyperrealistic drawings have appeared in numerous exhibitions, publications and campaigns internationally.

The Director

Kava Gorna is a Polish-born, New York raised photographer and filmmaker whose work focuses on women, cars and denim. Renowned for her seductive raw take on femininity, Gorna’s work has appeared in major international publications and brand campaigns.

In celebration of the overbearing, quirky yet infinitely lovable mothers in our lives, She’s Mercedes presents “TRLYHAP”: a Mother’s Day Special.

560 SL (R 107) convertible: rear view