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Football, fitness and a lot of fun!

Football players of the german women#s national team
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Our author met the players of the German Women's National Football Team– and they let her in on their secrets for a professional workout.

Why didn’t I become a football player? While checking out the best locations for our video shoot, we see groups of players walk by. They are of course familiar with this kind of day: interview, photo shoot, interview, photo shoot. It’s stressful, yet they seem to be enjoying themselves throughout the entire day. Looking at them brings back memories from short trips with my best friends – which, of course, were never work and only fun.

These women have an excellent sense of humour, they love what they do – at the same time, they are highly professional. Professional with just the right amount of “Anyhow, I’ll stay who I am”.

Female german national football players

I quickly realized: The players of the German Women's National Team, sponsored by Mercedes-Benz, get along perfectly. What a lucky bunch. They spend a lot of time with each other, especially right now, while preparing for the European Championships. That’s a lot of training that needs to be done. Nutrition plans that need to be followed. Days full of demanding appointments with the press. All of this is much better when you do it together, with the same motivation and the same goals. Then, actually, it can even be a lot of fun.

Our first topic in the interview: injuries and how you can recover faster from them. Of course, everyone has a story to tell. Most of which are surprisingly positive: Playing football isn’t as dangerous as you might think. Injuries are not at all a daily business. And if, out of bad luck, something happens, they have the best team of specialists at their sides to get back on their feet, both physically and mentally. They have all learned to listen to their own body, are much more able to asses what it tells them – and always look ahead and try to stay positive. Quite important lessons for passionate athletes. And, actually, for life.

These football players are far from any women’s football cliché that one might have in mind. We could have sat there forever, listening to their entertaining chitchat and watching them do their amazing football tricks. Quick-witted, likeable and relaxed, none of them takes themselves too serious. They would even admit to small personal weaknesses:

I usually ask what’s for dessert. When I hear ‘whole grain muffins’, well: I’ll rather go get me some ice cream. Kathrin Hendrich

So, being a world-class football player doesn’t necessarily mean no dessert. At least when it’s not game season.

What it definitely means, though: hours and hours of training. Training days are tough. I was truly impressed by the players’ skills: Balancing the ball with every available body part, single-arm push ups and crunches for five straight minutes until the cameraman got all the shots he wanted – no problem at all!

In training, there is only one option: full throttle. Despite all fun and games: everyone here is highly ambitious.

Especially during strength training, I need some correction, someone adjusting me. Doing it right is very important, otherwise there’s no training benefit. And who wants the pain without the gain? Lina Magull

I, for one, now am a fan of the German Women's National Team. Thank you to all the players for a wonderful day of laughter and great insights.