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Say it with flowers

Fashion blooms by Erdem
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Blooming beautiful: the Canadian designer is bringing out a sustainable collection: the 'Green Carpet Collection by Erdem'

You don't need blossoming fantasy to understand why women all over the world are beguiled by designer Erdem Moralioglu. His creations? Floral clothing art! Poetic flower prints, delicate lace cloths and romantic embroideries are at the heart of a look that combines graceful mid-century couture with technical digital culture – exuding coolness rather than sweetness. So cool, in fact, that even the topic of sustainability becomes a hot one. As part of the 'Green Carpet Challenge' project launched by Eco Age in 2009, Erdem Moralioglu designed a 12-piece ecologically correct collection together with the eco brand's creative director Livia Firth (the wife of actor Colin Firth): gorgeous evening gowns and cocktail dresses, all made from renewable materials, created and produced under the banner of sustainability and social responsibility.

left: Livia Firth and Erdem Moalioglu ©Brauer Foto / right: Peak performance: collection look under multiple ©Getty Images

For his 'Green Carpet Collection by Erdem', the Canadian fashion designer with British and Turkish roots used silk from organic farms, recycled fibreglass and even plastic bottles. The fact that sustainability and design can go hand in hand to reflect a modern spirit of the times is nothing new for Erdem. Even in his main line, he relies on vintage fabrics and collaborates with environmentally friendly printers. Hence Erdem Moralioglu is one of many London-based cult designers who values the importance of ethically correct fashion. Stella McCartney, Christopher Kane, Victoria Beckham and Roland Mouret have likewise already showcased their skills in the 'Green Carpet Challenge'.