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Daniela Ryf: Three-time IRONMAN champion

Daniela Ryf cycles past a corn field
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Last weekend, Daniela Ryf won the IRONMAN World Championship in Hawaii for the third time in a row.

Daniela Ryf has a reputation in the triathlon scene for being a fighter. The recipe for success: “I accept the pain.”

Giving up is no alternative for Daniela Ryf.

Her training shoes fly over the asphalt. With each bound, the V-Class parked at the end of the path is a little closer. Just like coming into the home straight at a competition, the black Mercedes V-Class represents the end of a hard workout. But suddenly the runner’s step slow down. Sweat runs from her brow, her calves are burning; there’s only one step between her and giving up. But the idea of breaking off the race at a time like this is not an option for Daniela Ryf. Instead she moves up a gear and sprints the last few metres to the V-Class.

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