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Linda Perhacs: Nature’s Hum

Folk-singer Linda Perhacs balances a dental hygienist career with recording her latest album.

As a dental hygienist, Linda Perhacs enjoys her relationships with people, “I’m touching people. Healing them. Helping them.” Recognised by one of her patients, Leonard Rosenman, as an untapped musical talent, she released her debut album “Parallelograms” in 1970. Although it did little commercially, it slowly amassed a cult following over the ensuing decades and has inspired indie folk-rock gurus of today including Devendra Banhart, Julia Holter, and Sufjan Stevens. Now, while still practising dentistry, she’s written her second album, “The Soul of All Natural Things.” Despite these unlikely circumstances, Linda Perhacs’ musical talent flourished. Her music exceeds the temporariness of fads and pulls us back into the harmony of pure music. And Linda Perhacs, in her own words, “is a most unlikely rock star.” Perhaps by now, she’s healed as many people with her music as she has through her dental practice.

After amassing a cult following since her critically looked-over debut album in 1970, folk singer Linda Perhacs returns from the studio with “The Soul of All Natural Things,” all the while maintaining her career as a dental hygienist.