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Marie Thumerelle & Sophie Toulouse: Telling A Story

A book store owner and an illustrator find creative inspiration in their friendship.

A good book store is hard to find, but when you do it’s a precious secret that you only share amongst your friends. 0fr is such a place. It offers books and magazines that range from pop, lifestyle and creative culture scene. From Rick Owens to Warhol, from Purple Magazine to limited editions, it’s all there. This is the place where the story of Marie and Sophie starts.

An art book shop owner and illustrator find creative inspiration in their friendship.

Marie Thumerelle and her brother Alexandre run 0fr. They opened the shop in Paris for one simple reason – both of them just couldn't find the literature and magazines they liked in one place. It was time to act and come up with a concept that would fit their needs. The business is running ever since and 0fr soon gained attention in the creative scene. Today, art and cultural exhibitions are held on a regular basis, transforming the space into a temporary gallery.

One day illustrator Sophie Toulouse walked in the store. In the beginning she was a regular customer, but would come back more often and started to delevope a friendship with Marie and Alexandre after she introduced them to her book 'Nation of Angela'. Sophie started out as a graphic designer and stayed in this profession for a very long time. However, one day she changed her mind, decided to focus on illustrations and to use it as an artistic outlet. She developed an idea and created a fantasy world around a character named 'Angela'. Sophie's style is subtle, fine and delicate. With her work she tells a story of a different world full of beauty and pure emotions.