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'The Female Bond' – a poetic short film about female unity.

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For this year’s International Women’s Day, She’s Mercedes tells a story of feminine energy and female unity, envisioning a utopian community based on diversity, warm fellowship and 
a regal attitude, starring Malaysian musician Yuna.

Between cactus fields and green hills a tale unfolds that plays with the viewers’ perception of dream and reality. Over the course of the film, an invisible bond brings the four protagonists together. They meet in a magical place that serves as a visual interpretation of an inspiring, connecting and empowering bond between our heroines. Only to be interrupted by a surprising, final plot twist that sheds new light on their friendship...

A diverse cast featuring Malaysian singer Yuna in her first starring role.

Our main protagonist Yuna, a self-taught Malaysian-born and Los Angeles-based musician, had her breakthrough in 2012 after collaborating with Pharrell Williams. Since then, the critically acclaimed singer (with a law degree) has also become role model and style icon for young girls worldwide. Yuna challenges stereotypes one performance at a time, making her the perfect embodiment of the film’s message of strength and community. “The Female Bond“ also features three real-life friends from Los Angeles, Stephanie Cleary, Andrea Nakhla and Anjelica Armstrong, who bring a genuine intimacy, warmth and diversity to the screen.


A cinematic vision for She’s Mercedes.

Rather than following a clear-cut narrative, “The Female Bond“ retraces a poem on modern womanhood and unity, filmed against the dream-like backdrop of Californian canyons and Asian hideouts. Rich in detail, yet structured loosely, it could be considered a whimsical narration, shaped by associations between the four protagonists: brought and held together by delicate actions and strong symbols. The dream sequence-like plot plays with our imagination and resembles, to some extent, a utopian prospect of matriarchy – or the occasional wish to create and intimate microcosm for you and your girlfriends only.


There is no better bond than ours: female friendship and mutual support from childhood on.

In the final scene of the film, the utopian union of the four women is interrupted, bringing them back to reality – or, actually, their own past. We see four little girls playing in their mother’s car, highlighting the idea that a strong, supportive and loving bond between women starts in childhood and carries on into the future.

the female bond