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Episode 8

Game Changers with Anu Acharya

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In this episode of Game Changers, MapMyGenome founder Anu Acharya shares a poetic vision of biotechnology.

In MapMyGenome founder Anu Acharya’s practice, DNA is more than just a jumble of Gs, Cs, Ts and As. To her, human code is like poetry—containing “the mystery of life”. As a geneticist, Acharya uncovers unique predispositions and biological truths within the permutations of nucleotides, much like a poetry lover finds hidden truths in the lines of a sonnet—and with equal passion.

After studying in the US and founding a successful biotechnology company upon her return to India, Acharya felt the need to shift her career goals towards impacting people directly. She went on to found MapMyGenome with the hope of making biotechnology data more accessible to the people of her native India. Using home kits for non-invasive genetic testing, her customers can receive an overall assessment of their genetic health or hone in on specific aspects of their biology like brain or heart health—and take preventative steps towards a healthier life.


Even as an award-winning global innovator and biotechnology entrepreneur, Anu Acharya lives with her head in the clouds. A published poet and avid rhymer, her dream world and visionary biotechnology work undoubtedly work together, allowing a more creative approach to her scientific pursuits and vice versa. In this Game Changers episode, Anu Acharya takes us on a poetic journey to the beauty of the genome.