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Episode 4

Architecture & memory

Heidi Locher walking down the stairs
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Award-winning architect, fine artist and video artist Heidi Locher takes us through spaces charged with memory.

In this episode of My Mercedes & I we meet Heidi Locher. Our journey with her begins in London’s Primrose Hill, down a quiet ivy-covered alleyway where a masterpiece of modern architecture lies hidden. This is the Paxton House—the former home and brainchild of architect, designer, video and fine artist Heidi Locher and her late husband Richard Paxton, for whom the house is named.

Heidi Locher in Paxton House living room

Though completed in 2007, the house’s structure, light, heat, and technology systems are still far ahead of their time. The roof slides open to reveal an unobstructed view of the sky and stars, and an indoor pool insulates and lights the space.

  • Mercedes Benz on the road
    Mercedes-Benz E 220d: Fuel consumption combined: 3.9-4.31/100 km; combined CO2 emissions: 102-112 g/km*
  • Shop Window
    Heidi Locher's Perspex Side Tables and video installation in the window of London design store Coexistence.

For Locher, architecture starts with the future inhabitants of the spaces she creates. She doesn’t simply plan for the now but rather integrates the inhabitant’s future needs and past memories into the design. Through this, she creates spaces that harmoniously blend past, present, and future.

You’re trying to get to the essence of that thing, that person, that space, try and understand their fears, try and understand their hopes. Heidi Locher

Together with Heidi Locher we embark on a very personal journey through her memories in the Paxton House and her beloved Mercedes E220 CDI: the car in which the romantic love-story with her husband Jim began.