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At full throttle… Hard drivers

© Vestiaire Collective, Danit Peleg, Outfittery

Fanny Moizant, Danit Peleg and Julia Bösch are exploring new avenues and digitally steering their companies into the fast lane

Online pioneers – presumably none of these three ladies wrote this down at school when asked what job they wanted to do. Nevertheless, their work is revolutionising the concept of how we consume fashion. At Julia Bösch's Outfittery.de, online stylists do the shopping for men. Fanny Moizant's Vestiaire Collective satisfies the desire for new fashion – bought second-hand. Danit Peleg was the first designer to design a complete fashion collection on a 3D printer and thus develop the pattern for the future. In our interviews, the three successful ladies step on the gas and give us valuable messages in one sentence (IN BRIEF) and then do a quick interview (IN DETAIL).

Episode 2

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