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The Queen of Chocolate

Katrina Markoff
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Take a visual journey into the heart of experimental chocolate-making with Vosges Haut-Chocolat founder Katrina Markoff.

The question of the source of creativity is one of the great mysteries and quests of the human experience. Katrina Markoff, founder and president of Vosges Haut-Chocolat, stumbled upon the answer one confusing and magical step at a time before founding arguably the most respected luxury chocolate brand in America. Let yourself be enchanted by the video before you create your very own Vosges experience with the deliciously sweet recipe she shared with us during our visit.

Torn between the sacrificial lifestyle of a Michelin star chef and her wild-at-heart nature, a religious chocolate experience in Paris’ Place des Vosges catapulted Markoff on a trip across the world in hot pursuit of rare spices and unconventional flavours.

Katrina Markof and Mercedes-Benz

My chocolate making process consists of four steps: fall in love, get inspired, take action, then create an experience. Katrina Markoff

Today, the experiences she gathered—from dining on worms with aboriginals in Australia to working at her Uncle’s interior design company in Indiana—have helped her transform the boundaries of what chocolate can be. Combinations like reishi mushroom and dulce de leche transcend flavour to reflect Katrina Markoff’s experiences and fascinations. In honour of the sweetest time of year, the chocolate auteur takes us inside the Vosges chocolate factory, no golden ticket required.


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