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The Best Water Technology Group is Europe’s leading water technology company. 3,300 employees are working to provide innovative, affordable and ecological water treatment technologies that deliver maximum safety, hygiene and health to residential, industrial and commercial customers as well as hotels and municipalities in their daily contact with water.

BWT offers modern treatment systems and services for drinking water as well as for water used in the pharmaceutical and process industries, in heating, boiler, cooling and air conditioning systems and in swimming pools. BWT employees are engaged in research and development, applying the latest techniques to new processes and materials with the aim of developing environmentally friendly and affordable products. One of the most important aspects is reducing the consumption of resources and energy in production, thereby lowering CO2 emissions.

The 2016 DTM brought an extra splash of colour as BWT intensified its involvement in the series, doubling the number of Mercedes-AMG C 63 DTM cars sporting the eye-catching BWT livery to two. In 2017, Lucas Auer will be lining up alongside current DTM runner-up and new Mercedes-AMG Motorsport DTM driver Edoardo Mortara.

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