Behind the Helmet: Edoardo Mortara – Part 3

Edo, your life has changed enormously since joining the DTM, hasn’t it? Or was it a logical conclusion to what you had been doing previously?
Edoardo Mortara: Both. Life changes, of course. It might not be Formula 1, but still, it’s at a higher level than the categories in which I previously competed. I now drive for a manufacturer, have more responsibility, have to deliver more. It’s different, but it’s nice.

The pressure on an ambitious racing driver must be terrible. What do you think?
Edoardo Mortara: It’s not terrible, because there’s pressure everywhere. You learn to deal with it. The pressure gets worse, but you can handle it. That’s the nice thing about it. A good way to tackle things is to achieve results for yourself in the first instance and not for your employer. That might sound egoistic, but it’s the best way for me.

How important is health to you?
Edoardo Mortara: It’s not just about food and nutrition. If you want to be competitive, you have to keep finding areas where you’re better than the rest. When you’re driving, that means taking different racing lines, trying different approaches. You try different techniques once you reach a standard where everyone is good. I believe that the right food and training can make a small difference.

I think it’s terrific that you went to university to find out more about it...
Edoardo Mortara: I’m an ambitious driver. I hate losing, which just makes me try to find every way I can of getting ahead of the other guys. I simply believe that with the right training, the right food and nutrition, you can be better than the rest. To some extent, I was forced into being concerned about my diet, because of problems with my health. I then quickly discovered that you can make a big difference to your health by changing your diet. And I think that if you’re healthier, you’re also more competitive. I even went to university in order to acquire a bit more knowledge about chemistry and biology, because I enjoyed those subjects at school.

Do you have a lifelong dream that you would like to fulfil?
Edoardo Mortara: To be happy, you shouldn’t have dreams that are too big. I’m content with my life. I’ve got a few projects that I would like to finish. It’s not easy. I’m not a dreamer. I prefer to do things.

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