DTM 2016: Holiday Special

Chris, Max and Dani, you and Maximilian Buhk were on holiday together in Ibiza last week. What were your most memorable moments?

Max: For me, just spending this time with the guys was the most memorable aspect. Doing whatever we felt like – chilling out, relaxing together on a boat, listening to music or jumping in the pool whenever we felt like it. Having fun together with the guys and enjoying the freedom. It was fantastic!

Chris: The highlight of my trip was clearly Max. Without him, it would have been only half as cool. He was in excellent form. Having him there was a lot of fun. There are some really cool videos and photos, but we’ve agreed to keep them to ourselves... It was just an amazing time. We had lots of fun together, driving a speed boat and cruising around the island on scooters. We were at some cool parties, and all in all, it was a memorable four days.

Dani: It was a great holiday all round. It was the first time for me that I’d been in the company of three German friends in my home country of Spain, and that was really cool. I’ve been on a few trips with Max, and last year of course, we spent a lot of time together at the racetrack, but it was the first time I’ve gone on holiday with Chris. It was super. As Chris said, we laughed a lot and had fun. We didn’t party quite as much as you might think... And for me personally, it was good to be going round with three Germans, because it gave me the opportunity to practise and improve my German.

Which one of you slept in the longest?

Max: That’s a no-contest, isn’t it Chris? It was Dani...

Chris: Well, you shared a room with him, Max. I was definitely always the one who got to the pool first.

Max: Yes, but it was clearly Dani!

Dani: Well, what can I say... I’m Spanish! The earliest a Spaniard would have his breakfast is midday – especially in the summer. Lunch is around 4pm or even later, and in the evening, we don’t eat before 10pm. I remember the first morning. The others got up at eight or 8.30am and I later made fun of them... That was far too early, guys! So yes, I clearly like to get up late.

And who took longest in the bathroom?

Dani: Well, Max always takes a long time in the bathroom. His hair must always be perfect...

Max: Quite honestly, I really enjoyed having time to relax in the morning, to spend a bit longer in the shower or to choose what I was going to wear. The others simply got straight into their bathing trunks. I just needed a bit longer. The hair issue was indeed the one that took the most time. But eventually, I realised it wasn’t worth the effort and just put on a straw hat.

Chris: Max Buhk and I were both relatively speedy... Just a quick shower, bathers on, and down to the beach.

There are quite a few nice-looking girls in Ibiza. Did you meet any of them?

Chris: Yes, I’ve rarely seen so many fantastic girls in one place.

Dani: I had my girlfriend there with us for one and a half days, and I introduced her to the guys. Consequently, I didn’t take quite as much interest in the girls in Ibiza. But all the same, we obviously met a lot of people.

Max: And Dani had some friends over from Barcelona, so we went on some joint outings with them. For example, we were at the Ushuaia Beach Club and had a good time there. Obviously you get chatting with one or two of the girls, and I have to say that there were some really nice ones there. But the guys are also pretty cool.

Did you spend any time in the gym?

Dani: No, we just wanted to relax a bit and take our minds off things during the four days.

Chris: If we are honest, we didn’t do much in the way of workouts.

Max: I did a few push-ups and went jogging on the beach. We also went swimming. It could actually be described more as splashing about in the water than putting ourselves through our paces. But at least we soothed our conscience a bit.

Did you see any familiar faces on the island?

Chris: There were quite a few there that we know from motor racing. We also went for a trip on a boat owned by some friends of Dani. We picked up Roberto Merhi along the way. Maro Engel was in Ibiza too, as was Oliver Morley, Dani’s team-mate in the 24-hour race at Spa, who invited us aboard his yacht. There were really very many familiar faces as well as several that I would call friends. I wasn’t expecting that at first, so it was even nicer that most of these encounters weren’t planned in advance but just happened.

Dani: Exactly. I’d mentioned to Roberto that we would be in Ibiza. Max and I had a pleasant surprise on our first day. We went to a restaurant because Chris and Max Buhk had already had their lunch, and we noticed that Nico Rosberg’s parents were sitting at the next table.

Max: We immediately went across to them and chatted for a while, because we hadn’t seen each other in ages. I’ve known Keke Rosberg since 1999 – at the time, I was competing against Nico in karting. After that, we came up each other again in Formula 3 and as a result spent several race weekends in each other’s company. Unfortunately, we didn’t meet Nico himself, but at least we went to Vivian’s ice-cream parlour.

Would you go on holiday together again?

Max: Definitely! There was no stress – we just had fun and laughed a lot. The men-only format was cool, I must say.

Chris: Absolutely! We’ve agreed that we’ll go on holiday as a group every year. We were a really cool bunch. Every now and then when you’re on holiday, you go through a phase when you need to get away from someone or they get on your nerves. That was not the case with us.

Dani: The next date in our diaries is the Munich Oktoberfest. But obviously, we’ve already made a firm decision to go to Ibiza again next year.

What will you all be doing in the run-up to the DTM race in Moscow?

Dani: I’ll be in Mallorca until Saturday. I’m sailing with friends. It’s very quiet here, and I’m also doing a bit of sport. After that, I’m going back home to Barcelona and Andorra to spend a few days with the family and to resume training which involves cycling, running and swimming. Then I’ll be ready for the next race weekend.

Chris: At the weekend, I was still in Ibiza mode, and I spent some time in Cologne. Now the emphasis is once again on training and a normal daily routine.

Max: For me too, training is the priority again. I’ll be working with my coach to prepare for next week; there are some workouts and some coordination exercises in prospect. On Monday, I’ll be visiting my HWA team at Affalterbach, and after that, it will almost be time to fly out to Moscow.

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