Fulfill the ultimate dream

The 2016 DTM season has a special treat in store for DTM fans who enjoy race simulation games on their computers as the new Mercedes-AMG Online Race Competition puts talented gamers in a real cockpit.

Invited to an event of the AMG Driving Academy

The opening weekend of the season at Hockenheim (6th - 8th May) is also the start of a new online championship. The best players will not only compete against the eight Mercedes-AMG DTM drivers in the virtual finals but also be invited to an event of the AMG Driving Academy.

The first laps on the way to fulfilling the ultimate dream of buckling yourself into a real cockpit will be completed on virtual tarmac. Contestants must be aged at least 18 and hold a valid Class B driving licence. The Mercedes-AMG Online Race Competition is a simulated drive in a Mercedes-AMG C 63 DTM on replicas of the eight race tracks to be used in the 2016 DTM season. 

Finals at Hockenheim against the eight Mercedes-AMG DTM drivers

Every Monday ahead of race weekend, the next circuit will be loaded into the simulation. It will continue to be available for the rest of the campaign to allow late entry into the competition. Each of the tracks will be introduced by one of the Mercedes-AMG DTM drivers. On Friday of each race weekend, one of the eight squad members will take a seat in the simulator to set a reference time for the players. 

The best four female entrants and the best four males in this online competition will then challenge the eight Mercedes-AMG DTM drivers in the finals which will be held in the context of the closing weekend of the 2016 DTM at Hockenheim (14th - 16th October). In addition, a one-day fitness test will take place, scores from which will be aggregated with the results of the race finals. The two best females and the two best males from the race finals plus fitness test will be invited to attend an event of the AMG Driving Academy. 

Ulrich Fritz, Head of Mercedes-AMG DTM: “Anyone who enjoys race simulation games will certainly have closed their eyes on occasions and imagined how it would be to sit in a real cockpit rather than at home in front of a computer screen. Our Mercedes-AMG Online Race Competition offers racing game fans the chance to participate in an event of the AMG Driving Academy. It won’t be easy getting there, but for the winner it will certainly be worthwhile. In the meantime, the new online championship and the opportunity to challenge our DTM drivers in setting virtual lap times should provide a lot of fun and excitement.”

How the Mercedes-AMG Online Race Competition works:

  • Online championship running in parallel to the 2016 DTM season; simulation of all eight race tracks.
  • Contestants ‘drive’ the Mercedes-AMG C 63 DTM.
  • The latest track simulation will be uploaded on the Monday ahead of each race weekend; previous circuits will remain available.
  • On the Friday of each race weekend, one of the eight Mercedes-AMG DTM drivers will set a reference time on the simulator.
  • The best lap times per track and the updated championship table will be displayed at mercedes.me/onlineracecompetition.
  • The best four female and best four male entrants in the online championship will be invited to the last DTM race weekend of 2016 at Hockenheim where they will compete in the online finals against the eight Mercedes-AMG DTM drivers.
  • The best two female and best two male contestants in the race finals plus one-day fitness tests will be invited to an event at the AMG Driving Academy.

Seize your chance now! -> mercedes.me/onlineracecompetition

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