Gary Paffett

Mercedes-AMG Motorsport Mercedes me

“To me motorsport means thrilling high speeds combined with fierce competitiveness.”

3 questions to Gary Paffett

1. Why did you choose the number 2 as your race number?

I chose the number 2 because it was the number I was using when I won my first national karting championship in 1995.

2. What does the design of your helmet mean to you?

The colours red, white and blue are from the Union Jack flag which is also around the back of the helmet. The red front was designed to make me easy to spot in the car.

3. What would you do, if you were not a racing driver?

Being the competitive person I am I would like to think I could be successful in another sport. I enjoy a lot of sports and would have loved to be a professional in many of them; golf, tennis, football, rugby to name a few.

Greatest successes

2002 1st place (champion) German Formula 3 Championship
2005 1st place (champion) DTM, Mercedes-Benz (5 victories, 84 points)
since 2003 20 victories, 37 podium finishes All for Mercedes-Benz

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