Paul Di Resta

SILBERPFEIL Energy Mercedes-AMG Motorsport

“I got involved in motorsport as I grew up in a family that has always been very passionate about it.”

3 questions to Paul Di Resta

1. Why did you choose the number 3 as your race number?

I chose number 3 as I prefer odd numbers and it was the number I won my first karting championship with. It has always meant something to me.

2. What does the design of your helmet mean to you?

My helmet allows me to express how I am as a person; it changes slightly from year to year. Its details also show people how close I am to my family history with the Scottish and Italian colours used.

3. What do you do the evening before a race?

Before a race I like to spend time relaxing and having a meal with my supporters and whoever is with me as a guest at the race weekends. It's important to rest my mind from racing for a short time and not think too much about the race ahead. From the moment I get back to the paddock, the focus is fully back on my racing!

Greatest successes

2010 1st place (champion) DTM, Mercedes-Benz (3 victories, 71 points)
2011-2013 Formula One driver for Sahara Force India Mercedes
since 2014 / 2007 - 2011 DTM driver for Mercedes-Benz (7 victories, 28 podium finishes)

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