Quick Chat: Christian Vietoris

Chris, a few days have passed since the infamous race weekend at the Norisring. Now that the dust has settled a bit, how do you feel about Ekström's antics?
Christian Vietoris: "Quite honestly, still the same. What Eki did there just isn't on. I had some time in the last few days to read in full the reports featuring his comments about the incident. I sincerely hope that he doesn't really believe all the things he has said. Otherwise, it's going to be dangerous in the next few races for all the other 23 drivers on the track, because apparently he doesn't know how his DTM car works."
How long do you think this incident will keep you preoccupied?
Christian Vietoris: "For me, the matter is now closed, but it's not really something you can simply forget. For Robert, the whole thing must feel rather like déjà vu. Last year, he got pushed by another Audi driver into a Mercedes ahead of him. But I agree with Pascal Wehrlein. After Spielberg, he said that karma has a way of balancing the scales. And ultimately he was right, because we ended up as champions. Maybe this year will turn out the same way."
You're currently at the training camp near Schladming. How do you rate the importance of these fitness weeks?
Christian Vietoris: "It's just nice to spend a week training with the guys. The bond between us at Mercedes is superb. Obviously, we're in Austria to work on our fitness and to do a lot of tests, but spending time with the other drivers is equally important."

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