Quick Chat: Daniel Juncadella

Dani, you were deprived of your greatest success so far in the DTM, namely a podium in Budapest, because your floor did not comply with the regulations. How do you feel about this ruling?

Daniel Juncadella: As a driver, you're powerless in such a situation. Unfortunately, this sometimes happens in motor racing. Obviously, it's a great pity. That was my first podium finish in the DTM, and up to then, it had been a super day for me. So I'm not too disappointed, because I had a mega weekend in Budapest. The race on Sunday was absolutely fantastic and I did everything that was in my power. In the end, though, it just wasn't meant to be.

All the same, how important was it for you to have at last got onto the podium, especially as the component in question was not relevant to performance?

Daniel Juncadella: It was mega important to me. This year is my fourth season in the DTM, and I'd never had a podium finish before. Yet up to the point of disqualification, I'd managed to do that on a weekend when we were not all that competitive. From that perspective, it was a really cool experience to be standing up there on the podium. So for me personally, the disqualification does not change the fact that I made it onto the podium by virtue of my own performance.

What are your feelings going into the last race of the season at Hockenheim?

Daniel Juncadella: Very good feelings. I scored my best DTM result so far on the previous race weekend, and the three weekends before that also went well for me. My crew and I are extremely well prepared for the final race of the season. Hopefully, I can finish on the podium again and maybe even step up a few rungs.

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