Quick Chat: Daniel Juncadella

Dani, how does it feel to be competing in the DTM again this year?
Daniel Juncadella: It’s great. For me, it’s very special to be part of such a historic year. After a one-year absence, I am up for it. 2016 was a difficult season for me, and I wasn’t happy with the situation. That’s why I needed the change that one year away from the DTM provided. Now I’ve recharged my batteries, and I’m looking forward to competing in such a strong field. It’s great that we have such a strong driver squad at Mercedes and that I have the opportunity to measure my performance against that of my team-mates.

You’ve mentioned the 2016 season. Did you ever think about giving up motor racing as a career?
Daniel Juncadella: Yes, I wasn’t enjoying it any more. I wasn’t motivated and I was out of condition. I needed that year off to get back to my roots and to enjoy racing again. It’s about battling with the best drivers in the world. It took me around six months in 2017 before racing became fun again. The results also started to improve, and I realised that was the way it had to be; you have to enjoy racing. But I have no regrets and I’m now relishing the moment.

Do you feel a lot of pressure ahead of your comeback season in the DTM?
Daniel Juncadella: No, quite the contrary. In my first four DTM years, I didn’t get the results I had imagined. But I don’t feel any special pressure. I do not have to prove myself all over again. The results can only get better, and it’s a great opportunity to round off my DTM time with Mercedes. There are so many strong drivers and former champions on the grid this season that the pressure is all on others. I just intend to have fun, and then the results will come by themselves.

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