QUICK CHAT: Daniel Juncadella

Dani, now you've had some time to reflect on your maiden DTM victory, how does it feel?
Daniel Juncadella: After a few days, it's started to sink in, and it's very nice to think back to the race. It was my first DTM victory - unfortunately it took a while, but better late than never. I am very satisfied with the way the weekend turned out.

It's been some time since you won a race. Have there been moments in which you began to doubt yourself?
Daniel Juncadella: If you haven't won a race for such a long time, it gnaws away at your confidence. That can have an effect on your mind, but I started taking a new attitude last year. Since then, I've been focusing less on the pure results and more on the progress I'm making. I just take each race as it comes and try to do my best. That way, the results come naturally.

So far, you have secured two poles and one victory so far this season. What would be an outcome at the end of the year that you would be happy with?
Daniel Juncadella: Two poles and a win - I would like to double this statistic by the end of the season. If I had four poles and two wins at the end of the year, I would be very happy. But as I said, I'm not focusing so much on the pure results, and I'm thinking more from race weekend to race weekend. This is the best way for me to achieve my objectives.

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