QUICK CHAT: Edoardo Mortara

Edo, you won one of the races at the Norisring and you made two podium appearances. That came on top of your victory at the Lausitzring, and you’re now up to second place in the championship. So what are you doing differently by comparison with 2017?
Edoardo Mortara: This season is going a lot better for me compared to last year. 2017 was a very difficult season. But we’ve learnt from past mistakes, and the car is now much more competitive.

The next DTM weekend in Zandvoort coincides with Formula E. As you are now a strong contender for the DTM title, you’ll be missing the closing fixture of the season in New York. Is that a major cause of regret for you?
Edoardo Mortara: Right from the start, I knew that the DTM would take priority over Formula E as far as I was concerned. I don’t regret having to miss out on the Formula E season finale in New York because of the DTM in Zandvoort. I have much better prospects of winning the championship in the DTM than in Formula E. Quite frankly, though, I’m a bit frustrated about the Formula E campaign. I feel sure we could have achieved better results. Unfortunately, there have been too many race weekends on which something has happened to deprive us of points. Hopefully I will get another chance in the future, but at the moment, it’s not an issue for me and I am concentrating fully on the DTM.

Mercedes and BMW are currently fighting for the top spots. Do you think that will change and that Audi too will get involved in the title fight?
Edoardo Mortara: Audi should never be underestimated. I know the brand very well, because I drove for them for many years. I know how strong they can be. They are having problems this year, but I am sure that at some point they will find better solutions for the setup of their cars, which should boost the confidence of their drivers. I’m assuming that they will then be somewhere near the front of the field again. Whether they’ll do enough to influence the destination of the championship, I wouldn’t like to say. But the season is still long.

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