Quick Chat: Edoardo Mortara

Edoardo, how are you enjoying your first fitness camp with the team here in La Manga?
Edoardo Mortara: I like it. The objective is, of course, to get into peak physical condition and the right frame of mind. It's not purely a fitness week but also a team building exercise. This is the first time I've been here with Mercedes, and it's nice to get to know the guys better in a relaxed atmosphere. I'm really enjoying it. I've experienced fitness training camps like this in the past. The atmosphere is always good. You train together, play different sports, and there is obviously a competitive element. It's a cool thing to do in the run-up to the new season.

What are the main challenges you face in terms of physical preparation for the season? Do you get friendly advice and tips from your team-mates?
Edoardo Mortara: No, we don't need to give each other any tips. We all know what works best for us during training. I personally am not a big fan of endurance training. But I do train a lot with my friends - we play football, basketball and also a bit of tennis.

Tell us about your diet. Do you have to go without certain types of food during the season?
Edoardo Mortara: I'll let you into a little secret. I have a sensitive stomach and have to watch what I eat. The upside is that I always eat healthily. This gives me an additional boost for the season.

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