Quick Chat: Felix Rosenqvist

Felix, the DTM season finale will be taking place this weekend in Hockenheim. How do you expect to do in the final race weekend of the year?

Felix Rosenqvist: My trial period as a rookie is over after three race weekends in the DTM. All being well, I'm now ready to fight for my place at the front of the field at Hockenheim. I've gradually been getting better with every race in recent weeks. I now feel like a proper DTM driver for the first time. If everything comes together, then we should be able to fight for a place at the head of the field, which is why I'm aiming my sights higher this weekend than I've done previously this season. I still regarded myself as a rookie at the last few weekends, but now I know my way around the DTM and can compete with everyone on the same level. If you can learn the ropes quickly, then there's no reason to go on seeing yourself as a rookie. You always have to be keen to improve. What's more, the Hockenheimring is probably the circuit on which I've posted the most laps of my career to date, which should also help.

You've just returned from the Formula E races in Hong Kong. Do you not find that all the travelling and the time difference have a bad effect on your preparations for the race weekend?

Felix Rosenqvist: No, flying east is always worse in my experience. I personally find flying from Asia to Europe or from Europe to America is generally much easier. Usually, it only takes me a couple of days to adjust. Sometimes, I even feel better when I wake up early in the morning and am ready to meet the day. You get used to it. It's not a problem for me. I also cope pretty well with switching between the DTM and Formula E. They're two completely different racing series that have one thing in common, a very high standard of drivers.

You've secured five points so far. At Hockenheim, you could outpoint three former DTM champions - Timo Scheider, Martin Tomczyk and Mike Rockenfeller - in the standings, despite the fact that you've only contested four race weekends. Would you regard that as something special in your 'half' rookie year?

Felix Rosenqvist: Perhaps the points don't tell the whole story in this instance. I know they've all had a tough season. Perhaps they didn't get along with the car quite so well, so I don't really give any thought to who I might beat in the overall standings. I just try to do my job and do my best. It'll be nice to finish in front of them on Sunday at Hockenheim, if everything goes according to plan.

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