Quick Chat: Gary Paffett

Gary, you will debut at the wheel of a GT3 sports car in this year's 24-hours of Spa. How did that come about?
Gary Paffett: I'd often thought about it in the past but never got the chance. Uli Fritz asked me if I might be interested when he became Head of Mercedes-AMG DTM. In any case, he was involved in setting up the AMG Customer Sports Programme. I then did some testing last year and found that driving the car was a lot of fun. Things just took their course after that. Spa is the first chance I've had of contesting a GT3 race.
What do you expect from the race?
Gary Paffett: I expect a very tough race. There are many strong GT3 cars in the line-up, and it will be really tricky. We'll be battling hard for 24 hours around the clock, but I'm really looking forward to it.
Let's talk about the DTM for a moment. You have had a mixed season up until now. It would appear that the only thing that has been a consistent feature so far is your bad luck. Next up, Zandvoort, where you have placed in the Top Ten in about 70% of your races. Could this race weekend mark the turning point of your season?
Gary Paffett: I really do hope so! I've hoped at every race weekend we've had so far that the tide would turn and that things would start to go my way. Unfortunately, I've been plagued by bad luck in every race, but my performance was good when we had a free run. And so, I feel confident as we head to Zandvoort. I like the track and was quick there last year. Hopefully, I can do enough to achieve an excellent result this year. 

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