Quick Chat: Gary Paffett

Gary, what a dramatic debut 24-hour race for you! First the cancellation of the qualifying result, then an incredible fight-back and finally a drive through penalty which cost you a podium appearance. What were your personal impressions?

Gary Paffett: It was an incredible race. I don't think it was what you could call a 'normal' 24 Hours of Spa. It was amazing to see our speed, then to get the penalty, to start from so far back and to get ourselves within reach of a podium, just one and a half laps adrift. And then all the drama of the final half-hour in which we were hit with a penalty and missed out on the podium. It was like a rollercoaster ride. Just unbelievable.

Have you any plans for another venture into GT racing?

Gary Paffett: Going into the weekend, I was thinking about it, but now it's over, I'm 100% convinced that I want to come back and compete in more races! Of course, it's a bit different: the cars aren't quite up the level of the DTM. But with a field of 65 cars, you're overtaking four or five of them on each lap. It's absolutely incredible. You won't see anything like it in any other racing series.

There are still three weeks until the DTM arrives in Moscow. How will you be using the time in between?

Gary Paffett: I'm going to spend the time with my family. Because after getting back from Zandvoort, I was immediately involved in preparations for Spa. Now I can enjoy the summer with my family and recuperate.

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