Quick Chat: Lucas Auer

Luggi, next weekend, you have your home race at Spielberg to look forward to. How different is it for you driving in front of your home crowd?
Lucas Auer: I live and breathe Austria. Of course, it doesn’t change anything as regards my preparations, but the sense of anticipation is huge. It’s just a short journey for me, and I’m really looking forward to the weekend.

How motorsport crazy are the Austrians, and which of your fellow countrymen do you look up to as a role model?
Lucas Auer: We Austrians are generally quite happy-go-lucky, and that also shows itself in motorsport. We are proud of our country, and I certainly find that I get a good push from the Austrian fans. I hope that there’ll be plenty of them there again this time and that we can put on a cool show for them. Naming a role model is difficult. There are so many to choose from in the world of motorsport – for example Niki, Gerhard, Toto... So I don’t have one role model in particular, but I have immense respect for their achievements.

Last year we sent you into the paddock wearing a disguise, and only a few fans recognised you. How do you think it will work out this year?
Lucas Auer: Some might still not recognise me, but certainly more than last year. I believe my public profile has risen in line with results. It went up a bit in the first year, then I got a big push in the second year after my first race win, and this year it has been even more noticeable. It’s been steadily increasing, which is cool.

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