Quick Chat: Lucas Auer

The new DTM season 2018 is about to get underway. Which races are you looking forward to the most?
Lucas Auer: I’m very happy with the new race calendar. The standout events for me are obviously the classic at the Norisring and the new fixture at Misano. I like Italy a lot, and that’s why I’m especially looking forward to the atmosphere there, especially as it’s a night race. We also have one race weekend more this year than in previous seasons, which means 20 races instead of 18. If it was up to me, they could increase that to 50. `{`laughs`}` As a racing driver, I have no objection to driving more races... From my perspective, the more the merrier.

Two major topics of recent weeks were the retirement of Mattias Ekström and the comeback of Pascal Wehrlein. What do you think of the changes that are taking place in the DTM driver line-up?
Lucas Auer: With the departure of Eki, a legend has left the DTM stage. He is a good friend and was an absolutely strong personality in the series. Pascal is a former DTM champion who has spent the last two years in Formula 1. With his return, the DTM is gaining another great personality. In any case, it’s going to be interesting.

You are friends with Pascal, but you also both have the same objective – you want to graduate to Formula 1 and he wants to get back into it. Do you see this developing into a rivalry that could endanger the harmony within the team?
Lucas Auer: Oh yes, it’s very, very dangerous. `{`laughs`}` Joking aside, though, when I first arrived in the DTM, I was not a serious competitor to Pascal. As a rookie, I still had a lot to learn, and he was entering his third year in the DTM. So it’s going to be an interesting contest between us this season. But first we have to see who are the biggest threats to us in the other teams. However, if it develops into a pitched battle between the two of us, that will definitely be exciting and really cool.

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