QUICK CHAT: Lucas Auer

Lucas, how has the season been going from your perspective?
Lucas Auer: So far, so good. I’m not saying excellent, but it has been good. Our pace is absolutely where it needs to be, and I have taken huge steps in tyre management. That’s why I’m satisfied with the current position. This coming weekend at Zandvoort is only the halfway point in the season, and there is still a long way to go.

You mentioned tyre management. That’s certainly going to be one of the keys to success at Zandvoort. What other aspects come into play on this track?
Lucas Auer: Qualifying is half the battle at Zandvoort. If you have your tyre management under control too, then it starts to look promising. However, if you have tyre problems, it starts to get tricky. Now we have to wait and see how the current vehicle generation performs there.

Recently, you were at the Austrian Grand Prix in Spielberg where you appeared on TV as a race pundit. How much fun do you get out of that?
Lucas Auer: A Formula 1 race weekend at Spielberg is almost like a holiday. The setup is really cool. It’s a great feeling being there and having the opportunity to relax. After all, I am also a motor racing fan. Working with the ORF crew was a cool experience for me. It was very interesting, and I am always happy when I have the time and opportunity to appear live.

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