QUICK CHAT: Lucas Auer

Lucas, next up is the Nürburgring. It's been a happy hunting ground for you in recent years, especially in qualifying.
Lucas Auer: It's always good to compete on a track where you have performed well in the past, including in your debut DTM season. But that's no guarantee for the coming weekend. Every year stands on its own merits, and I have to start all over again. It will it only look good if I'm successful.

You've had a lot of bad luck in recent races. How do you deal with that?
Lucas Auer: To some extent, you make your own luck. I think it's part of a normal learning process that you have to go through to get stronger. It's important to draw the right conclusions and learn lessons. You always have to get the best you can out of any situation.

Over the last few race weekends, fortunes have fluctuated in the championship. There are still six races left - are you still looking towards the top of the table?
Lucas Auer: For me, the title is not the deciding factor. I'm trying to develop myself as best as I can. If I succeed in that, then I'll be happy. Most of the time, the two go hand in hand: when you're learning the most, that's when things go well for you in championship too. But for me, it's all about improving myself. I don't just look at the number of points scored but at my own development. As long as this keeps going forward, the results will usually be good too. That's why I'm not paying all that much attention to the table. Anyway, it is so crazy in the DTM - there are so many points at stake on a single race weekend that you get a headache if you think too hard about it...

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