Quick Chat: Lucas Auer

Lucas, it's been three days since your race win at the Lausitzring. How do you feel now, and what's been going on in the meantime?
Lucas Auer: "Yes, the feeling is still great, but I genuinely needed another whole day to let it sink in. My phone exploded on Sunday. In the evening, we celebrated together in Berlin, but on Monday I switched from party mode to preparation mode for the Norisring. Yesterday, I was in Affalterbach at HWA, and today I was at Mücke in Berlin. So work is going on as normal."
What did your uncle Gerhard Berger say to you on the phone?
Lucas Auer: "First of all, we both had a good laugh, because everyone was talking about this phone call. Then he asked me if I had also set the fastest race lap. But I think he wanted to wind me up just a bit. In any case, it was highly amusing. Then he asked me a few questions, and that was about it really."
Have you redefined your objectives for this season now?
Lucas Auer: "No, not at all. I'll carry on trying to finish consistently in the Top Ten. As the saying goes, this was just one race win and not the championship. Consequently, you have to keep your feet on the ground." 

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