Quick Chat: Lucas Auer

Lucas, in your first season, a lot of commentators thought that nothing much would come of it, but in your second season, you persuaded them otherwise. What’s going to happen in your third DTM year?

Lucas Auer: If you analyse my first season in detail, you could already see positive signs – but unfortunately also some errors. But that’s what it’s like as a rookie. However, if you go straight for pole position, you can’t be that bad. In my second season, I was able to bring out my potential much better. So in my third season, I have to take the next step. But in the DTM, you soon get blown out making predictions. What matters is that I take another step forward. Whether it’s enough for the podium or for the Top Eight, I can’t say yet.

You called in on the tests in Portimao two weeks ago. What did you think, and did you discuss your impressions with your team-mates?

Lucas Auer: During test weeks, we obviously discuss our impressions. After all, we’re aiming to find the best setup. The new tyres and the new aerodynamics are very interesting and pose a big challenge for the drivers. You therefore have to change your driving style a lot. The combination of driver and correct setup is a particularly big issue this year. Consequently, I’ll be going to Affalterbach this week to do some preparatory work with the team. I’ll be talking to the engineers and getting my seat adjusted.

This year there are some rule changes and a new car. If a genie were to grant you a magic wish, what additional change would you ask for?

Lucas Auer: I would ban all parts that can easily break off the car. This would make the racing more robust. It would certainly be even more fun for us drivers than it already is. And if I could wish for a tenth fixture on the calendar, it would be a night race in Singapore. This would apply the finishing touch to the DTM. I’ve already been part of the Formula One program in Singapore when I was competing in Formula BMW. Consequently, I’ve experienced the unique atmosphere and the track there. It’s a street circuit on which overtaking is definitely possible, and I think it’s really cool there.

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