Quick Chat: Lucas Auer

Luggi, you lead the DTM drivers' championship after two race weekends. What would have been your response if anyone had forecast that before the start of the season?
Lucas Auer: Look, it's like this - we've had four out of eighteen races so far. Of these, I've managed to win two, which is crazy in itself. But if you think back over the last few years, there were always drivers who were way out ahead after two race weekends. Then everybody immediately declared 'he's the favourite and he's going to be the champion'. And ultimately, it came to nothing. Afterwards you don't even remember that he got his season off to a good start. I'm simply enjoying the fact that it's going well and that I feel at ease in the team and in the car. But I would be stupid if I started thinking about the championship or anything else at this early stage.

So that means you are fully focused on Budapest at the moment?
Lucas Auer: Correct. And I'll say this right away - it's not going to be easy for us. We haven't looked all that good in recent races on this track. Sure, we now have a new car that has worked so far, but I'm still cautious about making forecasts. However, even if things don't go perfectly for us, it's important that we score as many points as possible.

Before you go to Budapest, you have a date at the ADAC GT Masters in Spielberg next weekend. What are your expectations for the weekend?
Lucas Auer: I'm obviously delighted to be driving my first race in a Mercedes-AMG GT3. Added to which, it's Spielberg and I'll be partnering Sebastian Asch who is a really strong GT3 driver. I myself don't have quite as much experience with the car, so the first thing I have to do is develop a feeling for it. But I'm determined to put on a good show.

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