Quick Chat: Lucas Auer

Lucas, it was announced yesterday that you’ve been invited to a Formula 1 test for Force India. How do you feel about that?
Lucas Auer: Obviously, this is a dream come true. It’s something I’ve been working towards all my life. But again, the focus has to be on the DTM.

But isn’t it difficult in the circumstances to maintain that focus?
Lucas Auer: Not at all. I’m not thinking about the F1 test yet. This weekend, we have DTM races in Moscow. That’s what I’m concentrating on and working towards. I’m in my third year and have at last got myself into a superb position regarding the championship, so I’d have to be stupid to allow myself to become distracted.

How do you rate your chances for the weekend?
Lucas Auer: It’s going to be brutally tough, especially on Saturday. I already see Audi as the favourites. We have to make sure that we finish in the points and come away with as many as possible. Hopefully, we’ll get more out of Sunday. Our objective must be to stay somewhere near the top.

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