Quick Chat: Lucas Auer

Luggi, next weekend is the Nürburgring. It’s where you registered your first ever DTM pole position, and it’s a track you’ve always been fast on. What’s the secret of your success in the Eifel?
Lucas Auer: Up until now, I’ve always managed to get everything sorted in the free practice sessions and then summon up the performance at just the right time for qualifying. In the past, I’ve been able to do all of this better at the Nürburgring than on any other track. It seems as if the corners and I suit each other nicely.

How reassuring is it after some difficult races to be returning to the Nürburgring where you’ve always been strong?
Lucas Auer: The last two race weekends in Moscow and at Zandvoort were completely different. In Moscow we were slow, but we scored good points anyway. At Zandvoort we were again slow, but we didn’t score any points. It’s high time we went on the attack again. We need to get more of the Mercedes cars into the Top Six at the Nürburgring. The fact that I’ve always been one of the fastest on this circuit is encouraging.

The races at Zandvoort were brutally contested at times. Have we got to that part of the year where it’s no holds barred?
Lucas Auer: As I see it, that applies all the time in the DTM. The driver who plays hardest and has the broadest shoulders is the one who emerges the winner at the end. But by now, that’s no secret in the DTM.

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