Quick Chat: Maro Engel

Maro, it’s now one and a half weeks since you recorded your first DTM victory. What sort of reactions did that spark?
Maro Engel: I still have a smile on my face when I think about it. It was a fantastic experience, especially when I got the car back to Parc Fermé. That was when I had my first sight of the entire team after crossing the finish line, and it was just incredibly loud. A really cool atmosphere. For days afterwards, I was receiving lots of messages. So thanks to everyone for the massive support. It took me a few days to answer all of the messages. It was a great experience. I would be delighted if it could carry on like this at Zandvoort.

Did it take a while to sink in that you had won your first race?
Maro Engel: Yes, indeed. It did take a while. But not in the way that most people imagine in such a situation. In my case, I didn’t realise until I had passed Turn 1, because I didn’t see the actual chequered flag. It was only when I saw the track marshals waving their flags and the radio suddenly came on that I realised I had won the race. I was working on the assumption that I would have to defend my lead against Matthias for another couple of laps. But it was a fantastic feeling. Definitely something very special.

You were competing in Formula E again last weekend. What else have you got lined up ahead of Zandvoort?
Maro Engel: The Formula E season has just come to an end. That’s why my racing focus is now 100% on the second half of the season in the DTM and on the next race weekend at Zandvoort. But before that, Steffi and I have a very special date in our diary, namely our registry office wedding. We’re greatly looking forward to it, of course. This too will be an experience of the special kind. The big wedding ceremony will then take place in October. That’s when we’ll be celebrating with family and friends.

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