Quick Chat: Maro Engel

Maro, congratulations on your wedding. How did the day go for you and your wife Steffi?
Maro Engel: Our wedding was beautiful - just everything was amazing that day. The weather was as we had hoped for, with a bright blue sky. It was really fantastic for us and much nicer than we could have dreamed of. It was a very special day and an experience that was absolutely incredible. We are so very happy.

You had a very special wedding car, namely a Mercedes-AMG C 63 DTM. How was the ride?
Maro Engel: It was an absolutely amazing, incredible experience. When the team offered it to us, we were blown away and thought about how best to manage the half-hour drive. It was a crazy feeling, driving off from the church in the Mercedes-AMG C 63 DTM together with my wife, along the narrow road through the small fishing village and out onto the coast road. We each had a big wide grin on our face. The only thing was, we couldn't talk much to each other during the trip, because it was simply too loud! But we knew that would be the case and didn't mind. It was a really unique experience, like no-one else has probably ever had. An absolute knock-out!

What did your wife Steffi say when she first heard about the idea?
Maro Engel: When the offer was first made by the team to provide us with the DTM car, I had to discuss it with Steffi. I knew, of course, that this is not necessarily the air-conditioned luxury vehicle that you would normally have on the way back to your hotel. Also, climbing into the car as well as the heat in the cockpit obviously present certain challenges. But Steffi said right away that we should definitely jump at the chance. She thought the idea was tremendous. We lined the seats of the car with large, white tablecloths, and she managed to get in OK with a little bit of help from me. The DTM car brought us full circle, symbolically speaking, because we met through and at the DTM.

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