Quick Chat: Maro Engel

You're off straight from the 24-hour race in Daytona to the 12-Hours of Bathurst. How do you expect to do?
Maro Engel: The long distance races in Dubai, Daytona and Bathurst made a fantastic start to the year for me. Things in Daytona didn't go so well, unfortunately, so we'll now have to mount an all-out offensive this weekend in Bathurst! The race is very demanding, and everything must be dead-right to win. Nevertheless, our goal is to triumph there.

How have people reacted to the announcement of your return to the DTM?
Maro Engel: I've received lots of thumbs-ups, both from colleagues as well as from friends and fans. One or two were a bit surprised, though. Still, it feels really great to be able to surprise people with this news. The DTM is a big challenge. The series has continued to develop since my last DTM race. The way of working has become even more professional, and every detail has been improved. We can really look forward to 2017. More power, a little less downforce, new tyres, the DTM is on the right path. These changes will not only make driving more fun for us, they will also produce more amazing racing action for spectators. That's what we want to see in the DTM. We drivers want to battle one another out on track and get involved in exciting scraps.

What are you most looking forward to in 2017, scrapping with your team-mates or with the opposition?
Maro Engel: I've already had plenty of scraps with Edoardo in Macau, so of course, I'm really looking forward to locking horns with him in the DTM, but at the end of the day, we'll be pulling together, as we're now team-mates at Mercedes-AMG, that's what comes first. However, there are a couple of other guys I still know very well, such as Bruno Spengler and Matthias Ekström, for example. You can always get straight down to business with the pair of them, and so far, things have always turned out very well for me in battles with them.

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