QUICK CHAT: Pascal Wehrlein

Pascal, after the first three race weekends, you are eighth in the championship. The incidents in the second race in Budapest cost you valuable points. How difficult was it for you to come to terms with that?
Pascal Wehrlein: Very difficult, but I'm trying to channel the anger into positive energy. Going into next weekend, I'll be telling myself that the moment has come. But the safety car and the red flag were something over which I had no control. I would be more annoyed with myself if I thought my performance was at fault. But that doesn't mean that I was not annoyed about what happened. All that matters for me now is the upcoming weekend at Nuremberg. I'll be trying to pull out maximum performance, and maybe this time luck will be on my side.

There are still 14 races to go, and you are just under 50 points behind the leader. How decisive is the Norisring weekend for the rest of your season?
Pascal Wehrlein: No more and no less decisive than the ones before or after. Every weekend there are 56 points up for grabs, and you've seen how fast the situation can turn around. On the first two race weekends, BMW were very strong, and at the Hungaroring they only scored so highly on Sunday because of all the incidents. Otherwise, they would have had difficulty finishing in the points at all. Anything can happen in the DTM, and from one weekend to the next, you can quickly close the gap or fall behind by 30 or 40 points. Every weekend is important, from the first through to the last.

You have had two front row starts so far and you've done your fair share of overtaking in the races, so overall things are looking very good for you. Where else do you think you could improve?
Pascal Wehrlein: In Budapest, I showed for the first time that I'm on a level where I'm capable of winning races. This definitely wasn't the case on the two previous race weekends. The Lausitzring was obviously a bit better, with my first podium of the current campaign, but even there I wasn't quite up to winning form. Budapest was another step forward, and I expect to make progress again over the next couple of weekends. In addition, I need that extra bit of luck which was missing in Hungary when I had my problems in the first race. So all things considered, we're getting there. I have the motivation to notch up my first race win soon.

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