Quick Chat: Paul Di Resta

Paul, due to the changes in the rules, the driver is set to play a more prominent role this year. With your many years of experience, do you think this will improve your chances?

Paul Di Resta: The new rules for 2017 will definitely add more spice to the races. One of the main criteria was to put on an even better show for the fans. The most important change is certainly the new tyres, in particular how fast they degrade and how they behave during qualifying and racing. You have to manage them properly to get a decent result. Hopefully, my experience will help me, including with the Pirelli tyres in Formula One. The most important thing for us, however, is to provide the fans with good entertainment.

Will you be changing your training or preparation routine for this season?

Paul Di Resta: My training programme looks just the same. I always take myself to my physical limits. Obviously, I’m getting older too, so in those circumstances, it helps to concentrate more on your training. But I’m doing enough to hopefully have a small advantage.

How will the new vehicle differ from the previous model? What can the fans look forward to?

Paul Di Resta: At the moment, we’re not testing in the finalised car, but even at this stage, I can feel the differences in the aerodynamics. The most obvious difference for the fans is surely going to be the rear wing. When the DRS is activated, the main element remains the same, but there is a narrow flap that opens. You can see this much more clearly when a driver attacks the car in front. Personally, I’m looking forward to the cars being faster. We have slightly more power. Also, the cars will be a little faster due to the softer tyres. In addition, there are no blankets for keeping the tyres warm any more. This could ramp up the action during the pit stops, with some cars sliding around on cold tyres while others on warmed up tyres go on the attack. All in all, these are great ideas which the drivers have argued for in the past. I’m now hoping that it all goes to plan and that it increases the entertainment factor.

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