Quick Chat: Paul Di Resta

Paul, your daughter was born this week. What sort of emotions does that arouse?
Paul Di Resta: It’s a very special feeling. There is nothing comparable. 18 months ago, our son Leo came into the world, and now on Monday, our daughter Perla was born. She is healthy, and she got the timing just right, so that I could be present for the birth ahead of Budapest. Hopefully I can carry forward these positive emotions from my private life into the race weekend.

The season has not gone according to plan for you so far. What do you think are the reasons for that?
Paul Di Resta: That’s right. It has been a difficult start. At Hockenheim, we had very good speed, but unfortunately there was also an element of bad luck. I was not satisfied with the most recent race weekend at the Lausitzring and didn’t feel comfortable in the car. It was simply difficult to drive. Since then, we have regrouped and are now heading for Budapest with a slightly different approach. The Lausitzring did not suit my driving style or setup all that well. Now I’m hoping that our new philosophy will help. But I know that, when I feel comfortable in the car, the speed is also going to be there. Hopefully, we will get back to the way we were at Hockenheim. With a little bit more luck, we can also get the results we deserve.

What is the most important factor for you in ensuring you have a good weekend at the Hungaroring?
Paul Di Resta: In Budapest, there are a lot of corners that follow quickly one after another. For this, you need good vehicle balance. I hope that the track characteristics suit our car. In Budapest, you are also physically challenged as a driver. It is important to arrive at the track with the best possible car and then build on that. Together with my team, I now hope that I can get over the disappointment of the Lausitzring. Because as we know, when car and driver are in harmony, everything works extremely well.

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