Quick Chat: Paul Di Resta

Paul, how does it feel to be looking back on 100 DTM races?
Paul Di Resta: It obviously makes you feel a bit older achieving that. But it’s a big part of my life, and I did all of it with Mercedes-AMG. I would obviously have liked to have done another 100 races for them in the DTM, but unfortunately Mercedes have decided to pull out of the DTM at the end of next year. Hopefully, we can make what time we’ve got left memorable.

Which are your Top Three DTM races – the ones you’ll have the fondest memories of?
Paul Di Resta: My first win at the Lausitzring in 2008 is always a big one. Then I would say China in 2010, where I won the championship, and probably my first DTM race at Hockenheim in 2007. Gary and I made it a one-two win for Mercedes, and my P2 behind Gary was enough for me to take the title.

What were the most pleasant but also the most difficult moments for you during a DTM weekend?
Paul Di Resta: My worst moment was probably losing the championship in 2008 because we had a clutch failure in the first race and we missed the championship by just four points. Without that problem, it might ultimately have been enough. The best one for sure was winning the championship in 2010.

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